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BIM CAMPUS living lab is an organization created by freelance consulting in 2.010 from the beginning of University of A Coruña BIM Implementation.

The request of Building Engineers Schools of UDC was the final episode of years and years of BIM promotion both in University and in professional area in Spain.

As professional-academic profiles, our intention is to promote research from the bottom-up, engaging society around in a continuous interaction with a benefit transference from.

At National level, BIM CAMPUS is member of Building Smart Spanish Chapter, and are the promotor and director of openBIM SKILLS® BSSCH Committee, BIM profiles certification open standard.

We believe and promote networking and a bottom-up strategy for BIM implementation at national level, coming from Universities in its regional influence area.

BIM CAMPUS network are looking for teachers and researchers that needs support and experience to implement their own universities, and become part of the network. Please, contact us. We are here to help you with our experience.