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Wellcome, dear colleague, to the BIM CAMPUS website.

Here you have the tools and know-how to implement your university, creating the critic mass needed to give the society around you the opportunity to develop their competitiveness in a smart and intelligent way.

iBIM is the key needed to the integrated practice methodology to develop a new model of land and the beginning of a new mass customization and sustainable economic model, thinking in people, improving performance.

This cultural revolution and your society needs you to go ahead, because this effort must be from the bottom-up. Don’t worry, we can give you our experience and support with a proven and tested method in any condition, specially when conditions are against this new reality.

Everyone must find their own space in this new building industry future, and our mission, and yours if you want, is to help all of them to clear what is happen, understand with the practice and support their effort to share with all of us their talent.

Integrate and collaborate is a vision, not only a practice. We are looking for proactive people with their own plans with the same intuition: we must build up future in collaboration.

If you are this way, we thing this is for you.

Come and join.