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BIM profiles COURSES calendar

  • First step to succeeded implementation is help best suppporters of BIM to help you helping them.
  • BIM calendar, multiplataform, creates the critic mass that later are the supporters of their colegues, future trainers and more.
  • See BIM CAMPUS elder brother and clear about the most important and unexpected discover of BIM CAMPUS research.

BIM competences profiles map

It is usually the first phase. The beginning of the BIM implementation by the formation of the students, on the one hand, and in parallel, teachers. BIM levels are gradually introduced.

The agreements are established with the agreement of the directors of the centres, which will appoint a person in charge of the seminars. This head also performs the functions of quality, which counts with the collaboration of scholars.

The conventions among technology companies that provide technology and know-how, and the centres, is established through the University-Enterprise foundations. This institution is who performs the registration, receive, custody and manages the registration, send documents of course Manager, and extended diplomas according to the minutes signed by the directors of the Center.

The courses are divided into: level A, model Digital, B, collaboration and interoperability, and level C BIM expert, with a total of 120 hours for users and 60 hours for expert programmers.

  • BIM ArchiCAD
  • Level A: Modelling
  • BIM ArchiCAD level A1 – Digita model
  • BIM ArchiCAD level A2 – Model Documentation
  • BIM ArchiCAD level A3 - Advanced modeling
  • Level B: Comunication
  • BIM ArchiCAD level B1 - Collaborative Teamwork
  • BIM ArchiCAD level B2 - Interoperability 2E EcoEfficiency
  • BIM ArchiCAD level B3 - Interoperability MEP/STRUCT
  • Level C: Organization
  • BIM ArchiCAD level C1 – Style book
  • BIM ArchiCAD level C2 – Objects GDL programming
  • BIM ArchiCAD level C3 – IT Developer

The result obtained in the first implementation in Spain, UDC, is very satisfying. To this day, have been developed, under the certification of the skills collaborative design, a total of 31 courses, which are broken down as follows: EUATIEC 14 courses, ETSAC 20 courses, EUP 3 courses.

The planning has been shown to be efficient. There is a calendar for each school year. The students, from any Center of the UDC, can plan their courses since the end of the previous year.This mode has another added advantage, and is the contact between students of different centres. Thus, the system is flexible within the UDC and are generating valuable for future collaboration contacts and synergies.

The economic model is satisfactory to all parties. Student and course costs are really low. The amounts deposited in the Bloodstained reversed in the own centres, through actions encuadras in collaborative design program. In this way, the amount of the course allows finance platform, YOUR.UNIV collaborative environment, making students double their contributions.

For the biennium 2013-2015 course, it foresees the delivery of a total of 120 courses in Spain, 20 in this University, which may be extended depending on the external agreements with companies, administrations and professional associations.

From mid-2015, the forecast is that the schools of architecture and engineering of the YOUR.UNIV self-sufficient in BIM training, having students, who will be the future teachers/researchers, and teachers with sufficient skills BIM levels.

fig. The calendar is published in the University website. Students can plan how and when achieve a certain BIM profile.

fig. BIM Courses uses days reserved in the school program to external activities.

Courses cost around 50 € per level, and are certified also by the BIM software company.

More than a half thousand students was interested to obtain his/her BIM competences since 2.010. The trainers team, including BIM Manager, are composed by 2 members, sometimes including a third participant.

Perhaps low rates, BIM CAMPUS obtains incomes, and the most important to know more about the consequences of BIM CAMPUS activity as a bottom-up strategy, see BIM CAMPUS elder brother program.