B I M C A M P U S © phase 2

Teachers Trainning

In parallel,

    Teachers are supported in two ways:
  • Trainning to reach BIM competences profiles
  • Sharing academic guides and didactic and proven materials to implement your university own offer

The new practice integrated collaborative design is a vision that many professors have sought in the market. This proactivity, bottom up, is transforming the Campus building, attracting to the references in the market who possess knowledge and skills to transfer.

The Human factor of the University, the change agent, are teachers. Team-teaching/researchers staff is the actor needed to implement BIM in the universities. First, it opens the door to the transfer of ICT between private enterprise and public University. Second, articulate the cooperation agreements. Third are part of the implementation such as attending seminars.

Teachers, once prepared, are part of the implementation. They will be those who later taught seminars[], and in the future, integrate BIM based technologies in YOUR.UNIVERSITY studies degrees, transversal to all dimensions of building activity.

This phase can be either simultaneous or posterior to the phase 1. However, students has not the barriers of teachers, and quickly adopt the skills to design, and manage the life cycle of the building. The Faculty was not trained in the use of these tools, and is entrusted the task of integrating them. The process is slow, even with a group of motivated and active teachers in the implementation.

However, attendance at seminars achieves two key objectives:

1. Training of BIM trainers

2. Introducing BIM as a concept in the academic and research activity.

Latter, will be the phase 6 precursor, research integration.